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We care about the future of all of you

How we engage

Why are we green

in order to reduce the impact
over natural resources

80% of silver

20% of gold

Sensitive to social respect and the environment, a real challenge for future generations, our producers are members of:

  • RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council) the Responsible Jewellery Council (recognised commitment to respect working conditions and sustainable development)

Moreover, more than 80% of the silver and 20% of the gold used come from recycling to limit the impact of production on the exploitation of minerals, in order to reduce every year the impact on natural resources the

Product information

No nickel
no lead
No cadmium

and non-allergenic

Our jewels are made of silver (925 sterling silver), in case the color of the jewel is white.

Where the jewel is gold colora brass alloy base and 18 k gold plating are used (the most precious alloy of gold) 3 or 5 Microns which corresponds to a thickness of gold that gives your jewelry the look and shine of a real jewel!

The different choice of base metal lies in the fact that, since silver as its characteristic oxidizes, its oxidation would affect the gold plating! Instead, for the silver jewel that is not plated, the rhodium-plating technique is used: this treatment prevents the oxidation process in the non-plated jewel!

We use semi-precious stones of the best origin and quality and/ or beautiful zircons and Swarovski crystals

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