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Product Informations

Nickel free
Lead free
Cadmium free

and non-allergenic

Our jewels are made of silver (925 sterling silver), in case the color of the jewel is white.

Where the jewel is gold color, a brass alloy base is used and a gold plating 18 k (the most precious alloy of gold) of 3 or 5 Microns that corresponds to a thickness of gold that gives your jewelry the appearance and brilliance of a real jewel!

The different choice of base metal lies in the fact that, since silver as its characteristic oxidizes, its oxidation would affect the gold plating! On the other hand, for the silver jewel that is not plated, the tearing technique is used: this treatment prevents the oxidation process in the not plated jewel!

We use semi-precious stones of the best origin and quality and/ or beautiful zircons and Swarovski crystals

Product care

We make our jewelry with the best materials, so that they will be able to be flaunted every day and in any situation!
We recommend some precautions to preserve their original appearance.

Care and cleaning

To make your jewelry shine for a long time
  • Wipe only with a soft cloth (the lens cleaning cloth is perfect)

  • Store them separately to avoid rubbing between the jewelry that could cause scratches

  • Keep them away from light, moisture and heat

What to avoid

To keep your jewelry at its best
  • Don’t sleep with your jewelry on

  • Do not take them during your sports or water activities such as sea, pool, spa

  • Do not let them come into contact with cosmetic products such as creams, perfumes or lacquer

  • Do not let them come into contact with chemicals such as detergents and household cleaning products and sanitizing gel

  • Dry your jewelry well in case of contact with water

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